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Interesting but still doesn’t surprise me

Posted by Corndogzella - 1 month ago

Okay, i really feel sorry after reading my last news but i don’t feel awkward but i feel sorry for myself, puberty sucks ass you know, and you guys and gals all experienced it, all had experienced it. But yeah today is June 13, 2024, what’s new? Since it’s close to June 22 where i go to…you already know shit from a lot of my nws, journal (DA), journal (FA) and i keep mentioning a lot, it’s getting pretty much annoying for you, no? But what am i gonna do in June 13? I had to go with my sis and mom there at the place where my grandparents (paternal) live, and they all live far away, around the province and there’s little wifi there, if i was there, you wouldn’t see me getting active very often. So around 8:00PM according to my mom, we would go there and it’ll take about hours getting there (when will i stop saying there? THERE OVER THERE? Are you gay or european?). But since i wasn’t active, i could do fanart and comics all day but the problem is i don’t even have like wifi to get some references on characters. But why would o go there? To let my grandparents know i’m about to live in a different country. Well that’s about it, enjoy my news dumping useless info shit.

But wait, there’s more! To increase the page size! To balance the good, neutral and bad from this news, the thing is i can go there just to see stupid hairy caterpillars, goats, cows and carabaos (water buffalos), and i get to experience those funny shaped candies again (because i have a sweet tooth, sometimes, i sometimes don’t like food that has sweetness above level 11). And worse, experience the heat, but that’s not gonna happen because it’s June, and that month’s a raining season (there might be a little chance to see the rainbow, a perfect month, isn’t it?). And neitral part, there’s no wifi there or maybe the whole thing at the beginning, yeah that it.


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